Gatwick Airport Informational Guide to London Gatwick International Airport - LGW - NON OFFICIAL

Gatwick Airport Lounges (LGW)

Book your lounge at Gatwick Airport and relax before your flight! 

Lounges are the best place for either business or holidays, bringing you total peace of mind and a relaxing atmosphere while your stay in the airport.

Gatwick Airport LGW lounges are open to passengers at a reduced cost no matter the airline they are flying with. It is the best choice for a connected flight, a cancelled flight, an early morning check-in or just for a breakfast. The selection in the Airport is huge. 

Many lounges are equipped with comfy seats, free snacks and an assorted selection of alcoholic drinks, spirits and liquors. While other lounges are somewhat different and have more options such us showers, workstations, à la carte menu, premium food, even outdoor area and smoking area. All of them, with a great service. 

Book now your stay at Gatwick Airport lounges!

Check here the LGW Airport lounges available:

- No.1 Lounge: A popular choice. Available at both terminals: North and South, it provides with all the amenities you may need.
- Aspire Lounge: A really famous one in several British airports. The Aspire Lounge is both available at the North and South Terminals too. 
- Clubrooms: A premium lounge option at Gatwick Airport. Passengers will find personalized services, tranquil setting and atmosphere. It is also available at both terminals. 
- British Airways Galleries Lounge:Only available at South Terminal, where British Airways operates. Relaxation area, food options, workstations and comfortable space. Enjoy your stay!  

Also, passengers can find Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, MyLounge, Regus Express Business Lounge, among a lot more other lounges available. 

We recommend you to check via our search engine the offer the suits your needs best.